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County Bounty

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The Story: Welcome to the main event of the Toontown Fair! This is the main judging tent where some of the top contestants can show off their talents and skills to the other citizens of Toontown.

In addition to that, Mickey invited some of his famous friends to stop by the fair as well as a bonus event for visitors to the fair. Who did he invite? Some of his fairy and princess friends!

The Merchandise: Disney merchandise showcasing classic Disney characters and classic Disney animated films, Mr. Potato Head, Mickey ears, and more!

Fun Finds: While walking around you can find the best pair of bellbottoms (Clarabelle Cow), the tastiest apple (Horace Horsecollar), or the niftiest knitting (Toby Tortoise)!

You can also find a picture of Buzz-Buzz the Bee, one of Donald's rivals in the 1950's, on the hat stitching sign!

Location: Mickey's Toontown Fair

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