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The Hall of Presidents

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The Story: Since 1787, America has been producing some of the greatest world leaders of all time. Now, you are invited to join them and hear their stories.

Height Restriction: N/A
Attraction Length: 22 minutes
Fastpass? Not Available

The History: The Hall of Presidents began as an idea for Disneyland in the 1950's on an area called Liberty Street (which was never built). The attraction would feature all of the past presidents and guests would get a chance to listen to their stories of how they became president and the unity they have brought to the nation. The name of the attraction would be One Nation Under God.

Unfortunately, Disney didn't have the technology to make this dream a reality. This changed during the 1964 World's Fair when Disney showcased an attraction called, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. It was the same idea as One Nation Under God, but only featured the 16th president.

When Walt Disney World opened on October 1, 1971, they Disney company decided it would be great to finally complete the attraction, One Nation Under God. The only thing that changed from the original dream was the name, which was now The Hall of Presidents.

Fun Facts: The grandfather clock on the far right hand side of the stage is stopped at 7:04. Why 7:04? 7 represents July, while the 4 represents the 4th, making it the 4th of July!

Location: Liberty Square

Touring Tips: The attraction is at its busiest just after the parade finishes. Throughout the rest of the day, the attraction is fairly empty.

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To learn more about The Hall of Presidents, please watch the 63rd Episode of the W.E.D.nesday Show!


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