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Hidden Mickey Monday!

By Alexandra McVetty


June 17, 2019

Location: The Land, Epcot

Living with the land is often an overlooked attraction at Epcot, especially when Soarin' is it's neighbour. I do recommend going on Living with the Land. Not only that though, I also recommend taking the Behind the Seeds Tour. For anyone interested in agriculture, gardening, or just food in general, Behind the Seeds is a tour for you since it gives you backstage access to the Living with the Land greenhouse. While on Living with the Land, or the Behind the Seeds Tour, look around the fish farming building. To the right of your boat, pass the tilapia tank, is a platform with some hoses on it. The hoses form a classic Hidden Mickey, but from the boat it looks upside down. While on the Behind the Seeds Tour, where you get the opportunity to walk through the greenhouses, this Hidden Mickey is right side up and close enough to touch!


Past Hidden Mickey

Magic Kingdom
        Main Street, USA
                - All Aboard the Mickey Train!
                - Carve this into your brain
                - Your Key to Mickeys
                - A Hidden Mickey's Life for Me!

                - A Dead Man's Mickey
                - In the Ground
                - Jungle Fever
                - On the shack
                - Up the stairs
                - I think it's plane to see
                - Cloud Watching
                - Muskrat anyone?
                - Wheely?
        Liberty Square
                - Watch where you point that thing!

                - In the ground
                - Map it out!
                - Home Plate
                - Not the Disney Point
                - Ax and you shall See
                - Bejeweled
                - Border Patrol
                - Building Mickey's
                - Carve a new way
                - Construction Walls
                - Mr. Sanders' Secret
                - It's a world of Mickeys...
                - Not up in smoke
                - Magic Mirror on the wall...
                - Mine!
                - No one hides Mickey's like Gaston
                - Pop that collar
                - Shield Yourself
        Storybook Circus
                - There was a stampede to find this!
                - It's plane to see
        Mickey's Toontown Fair
                - Red Barns

                - Your Biggest Fan
                - A Christmas Surprise!
                - Buckle Up
                - Gaming Mickey
                - It's out of this world!
                - Something Funny

        Future World Central
                - Wood Carvings

                - Spaceship Earth mural
                - Spot it at the Spot
                - Scrollin', scrollin', scrolling
        Future World East
                - Bumper to Bumper Mickey's
                - Don't be a dummy
                - Earful Tower's New Home
                - Mars to Mickey, do you copy?
        Future World West
                - Don't be a hoser
                - Fore! some fun
                - Firework Mickey
                - Under the Sea!
                - I found Nemo...I mean Mickey!
                - Tube Good to Pass Up!
                - Feeling Bubbly?
                - Something Fishy
        United Kingdom
                - Be a Good Sport
                - Bush Patrol
                - Mickey to tower
                - Feeling drained?
                - No Tears
                - Rockin' Out!
        American Adventure
                - This here Mickey went to town...
                - This Fountain Rocks!
                - I crown thee Mickey
                - Buoy Watch
                - Uhh, I think you forgot your helmet.
                - Beat it!

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Animation Courtyard
                - And Draw!
                - PEZ anyone?
        Echo Lake
                - Keep your elbows off this table!
        Hollywood Boulevard
                - Archeology at its finest
                - Cloud Watching
                - A Hidden Minnie?
                - The Largest Hidden Mickey!
                - Why is Bill Board?
        Streets of America
                - Light up the streets!
                - Reflect on it
                - Window Watching
- Spotting Mickey
                - Not Deflated
                - Flight 1401 is now landing...
         Pixar Place
                - Something Fishy
         Sunset Boulevard
                - And I don't want to miss Mickey
                - Boiling Up
                - I'll wire you the directions
                - Picture this...

Disney's Animal Kingdom
Discovery Island
               - Doesn't this count as one of the animals?
               - Shell shocked
               - Wait for it...
                - That island looks familiar
                - Don't step on Mickey!
                - Floor it!
        Conservation Station
                - Butterfly Fly Away
                - Eye Spy
                - Grandmother Willow will help
                - Love those earrings!

                - Is the coffee yeti?
                - Fetch a cup of water
        Camp Minnie-Mickey
                - The Greatest Entranceway ever!
                - Don't Float Away
                - Extra Powder Please
        Dinoland, USA
                - Parking space
                - Barking up the right tree
- Let's go get that Mickey!
                - Spotting Dinos

Disney Springs
Candy Cauldron
            - Apple of my eye
        Captain Jack's
            - Net Worth
            - Get Wired!
            - Want a Car Pet?
        Disney's Days of Christmas
            - You're barking up the right tree

            - Mrs. Potts?
Once Upon a Toy
            - Peeking in
        Team Mickey
            - Pillar of secrets
        World of Disney
            - Looking good Ms. DeVil
            - Castles in the Clouds
        Cirque Du Soleil
            - No need to stall for this one

Water Parks and more!
Blizzard Beach
            - Head towards the light
        Winter Summerland Mini Golf
            - Not on hole Four!
        Magnolia Golf Course
            - Sand of times
        Sea Raycer
            - Speed up!

All-Star Movies
                - King Me!
All-Star Music
                - He's a little bit Country..
Animal Kingdom Lodge
                - Clock Me Out
                - Do you vine?
Art of Animation
                - Part of that light
Beach Club
                - Sandcastles in the Sand
                - Can I bum a clue for this one?
                Mickey's watching!
oronado Springs
                - Bus Sign

                - Rock solid man!
                - The poles are in
        Pop Century
                - Not just for kids
        Wilderness Lodge
                - Fiery
        Yacht Club
                - Globe

Outside of the Parks
                - Don't give us a brake!

               - Just Around the Riverbend
               - Is that you Duffy?
               - Time for a spare
               - Tick Tock

Disney California Adventure
Buena Vista Street
              - Tune in
               - The Best Service Around
               - No need to pop the hood
               - Pump it up!
               - Table Service
         Pacific Wharf
                - Paint Me A Picture
                - In the Clock
                - Checking in

Disneyland Downtown Disney
Marceline's Confectionary
                - What's your sign?
          Disney Vault
                 - Secret is safe here

Little Mermaid
                - Concert Goers
        A Goofy Movie/Once Upon A Time
                - It's for you


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