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Donald's Boat

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The Story: Donald, the sailor suit wearing duck, has always had a love for the sea, so when his Mickey and Goofy volunteered to help him build a boat, he couldn't resist! Unfortunately, the three of them didn't do a very successful job and the boat has been stuck on a little pond in the middle of Toontown.

Height Restriction: None

Attraction Length: None

Fastpass? No

Fun Facts: Donald's boat is actually named The Miss Daisy! There is even a wood carving of her on the front of the ship!

While Donald's Boat isn't extremely interactive, there is a very cool map inside the ship drawn by Professor Ludwig Von Drake.

Location: Mickey's Toontown Fair

Touring Tips: Donald's Boat is probably the least crowded area of Toontown and you can see everything within five minutes so stop by any time throughout the day!

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