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Mickey's Country House

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The Story: Mickey has to step out for the afternoon to go oversee the Fair, but that's not going to stop him from letting his friends stop by his house and take a look around!

While in Mickey's house you can see his bedroom, living room, kitchen, game room, garage, and garden! While walking through you will learn even more about Mickey than you ever knew before. For instance, he has a HUGE suit collection, loves to watch the big game between Duckburg U and Goofy Tech, and trusts his friends enough to remodel his kitchen (which is probably not his best decision).

Height Restriction: None

Attraction Length: None

Fastpass? No

Fun Facts: The oven in Mickey's Country House is a real life replica of the one that was in the short cartoon, Mickey's Birthday Party!

Location: Mickey's Toontown Fair

Touring Tips: Mickey's Country House usually doesn't get as crowded as the rest of Toontown. The majority of people entering his house are making a beeline for The Judge's Tent to meet Mickey, so take your time walking through the house and enjoy all the fun finds!

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