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Minnie's Country House

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The Story: Could there be anywhere in the world nicer to live than Mickey's Toontown Fair? Minnie doesn't think so! She has picked a prime spot right next to the gas station and next to a gift store (Minnie LOVES to shop!). She has gone off to take some pictures with Mickey at The Judge's Tent, but has invited you to step inside and take a look around her wonderful home!

While going through her house you can sit in Minnie's living room and learn all about her family history through the pictures on the walls and the book on the table. In Minnie's art room you can see that Minnie is a very talented, and well recognized, artist. In the hallway you can see that Minnie is the chief editor of Minnie's Country Living Magazine, while her kitchen shows that she loves to cook and bake! Finally, step out into her sunroom to see her wonderful collection of flowers.

Height Restriction: None

Attraction Length: None - take your time while exploring Minnie's Country House at your own pace.

Fastpass? No

The History: Minnie's Country House opened in April of 1996 just before the area changed from Mickey's Starland to Mickey's Toontown Fair. The attraction replaced Mickey's Hollywood Theatre which opened with Mickey's Birthdayland in 1988.

While Minnie's Country House is scheduled to close permanently in February, 2011, there are rumors that the house will be moved to a different location when a possible new Toontown is born!

Fun Facts: Take a close look at all of the labels throughout Minnie's Country House. Many of them are play on words which are often quite hilarious! For instance, a daisy flower is Daisy Duck with petals all around her. Not only that, but the scientific name for it is Donaldus Girlfriendum!

Location: Mickey's Toontown Fair

Touring Tips: Minnie's Country House is usually less crowded later in the day, so if you want the house to yourself, try to visit then so you can really take your time to explore!

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