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Bwana Bob's

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The Story: While entering Adventureland you will quickly find Bwana Bob's on your left hand side, but what's the meaning of this location? The small little souvenir shop is actually your first look at the jungle lifestyle which awaits you at attractions like the Swiss Family Treehouse and The Jungle Cruise. Take note that all the buildings on the right still show some form of civilization, while places on your left seem to be created by basic materials found in the wilderness, and it all begins here at Bwana Bob's!

The Merchandise: Sunglasses, hats, exotic jewelry, Tinker Bell merchandise, etc.

The History: Bwana Bob's didn't open up in the Magic Kingdom until 1985 (a few years after the ticket books began to fade away). Before that, it was one of the spots where you could buy your A-E tickets for attractions throughout the park!

Fun Finds: Bwana Bob's actually pays homage to comedian Bob Hope, who was a long time fan of Walt Disney. Bob starred in the 1963 film, Call Me Bwana, where he played an expert on all things Africa (even though he had never been there before). Due to his love of Disney, Bwana Bob's was named after him!

Vinylmation Trading Spot? None

Location: Adventureland

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