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Island Supply Company

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The Story: Adventure truly is around every corner during your visit to Adventureland and if you are like most tourists, you most likely forgot to bring something from home with you that would help you on your journey through this mysterious land. Have no fear though! The Island Supply Company, which deals with Imports and Exports, is here to help! During your visit to the shop you can purchase anything and everything you may need for your relaxed island living: beach chairs, rafts, flour, water, etc. So next time you are in need of island supplies, there's only one place to shop: Island Supply Company!

The Merchandise: Sunglasses, shirts, sunscreen, etc.

Fun Finds: Want to play games like the locals do? Locals have actually set up a game on the ground so you can play hopscotch, I mean, Island Hop while inside the store!

Do you collect pressed pennies? Well you are in luck! There is a penny pressed machine near the entrance located by the restrooms with the following pennies:

Vinylmation Trading Spot? None

Location: Adventureland

Reader Review: If you'd like to share your review and thoughts of the Island Supply Company, please comment below! 


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